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Hongkong Macau Travel..!!

About HongKong Macau

Hong Kong is the first Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. Hong Kong is a territory that is a major tourism destination. The city has global connections. It has assimilated into it the culture of Vietnam and Vancouver. It is Asia’s World City.
Hong-Kong had been a British colony for 150 years. It is a tourism spot for Chinese people and international visitors. The place has the influence of the British culture on it. It is a leading financial centre in East Asia. The place is known for transporting large volume of exports of China goods to international destinations. The territory has mountains and rocky islands in the rural areas. The countryside is classified as Country Park where one will find pockets of wilderness.


The culture of Hong Kong can be described as Chinese culture which became influenced by British colonialism. Although the country made notable progress in various fields and has developed an identity for itself.
The majority of people in Hong Kong are Han Chinese. After the British rule for 150 years the country got political separation from the country of China. The traditional Chinese culture has blended well with British western influence. The present shape of Hong Kong in law, politics, education, language, food and the way of thinking all are things to be proud of for the people of Hong Kong.
The social and the cultural scenario have brought the place to the forefront on the world map. A holiday in Hong Kong shall be a great idea. The visit shall be cherished as there are some distinctive holiday options to choose from. There are various festivals which thrill one with joy. The most famous of them is Chinese New Year which occurs after a month of the calendar New Year. It takes place in the month of late January or early February. Other such events include Dragon Boat Festival in which zongzi is made by millions at their home and is part of the Hong Kong tradition. Mid autumn festival is another celebration which involves massive moon cakes which are made in the Chinese bakery shops. Canto pop has been the most popular in the place with the local music culture.

Best Hotels in Hong Kong

If one is looking for a place to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There are great places to stay in Hong Kong. Author Jan Morris in his words has described as “a cauldron, seething, hooting, arguing, enmeshed in a labyrinth of tunnels and flyovers”. So true a description for the lovely land of Hong Kong. The best hotel accommodations in Hong Kong are • Cosmo Hotel, Wan Chai
• King’s hotel, Wan Chai
• The Salisbury, Tsim Sha Tsui
• Hotel Jen, Sheung Wan
• Bridal Teahouse hotel, Sai Ying Pun
• Olympic Terrace Suites, Kowloon
• Bishop lei International House, Central
• Stanford Hillview Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui
• Dorsett Far East Hotel, Tsuen Wan
• Royal Park Hotel, Sha Tin

Places to Visit In Hong Kong

• Avenue of Stars- There is a view of the tower of the harbor above you and the names of movie actor names lie beneath your feet.
• The Peak- This beautiful harbor and there is a view of the green hills of the New Territories.
• Ocean Park Hong Kong- There is thrill rides to make. Giant pandas are there and there is a world class aquarium. The place is in the favorite’s list on being to Hong Kong.
• Hong Kong Disneyland- The place is a treasure trove of fun and frolic. The adventure and the world’s favorite cartoon characters embark the journey with magical spell.
• Ladies’ Market- The streets are full of clothing, accessories and other souvenir bargains to make.
• Temple Street Night Market- Souvenirs, snacks, opera and fortune tellers are all the prime attractions of the place.
• Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (and Golden Bauhinia Square) - The place is with historical significance. It has a beautiful backdrop for ceremonies of historical importance.
• Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade- A nice stroll along the waterfront. The place is surely out of this world.
• Sik Sik Yeun Wong Tai Sin Temple- The place is a Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian temple honoring a great Buddhist monk.
• Clock Tower- It is a landmark and is a part of colonial heritage of Hong Kong.